A Little Bit About Us


It all started when...

Our yoga director, Michelle, decided working 9-5 was never an option! As a notorious early bird and night owl she was either going to end up as a nurse working nights or a lorry driver! If you've ever been in the car with her you'll know the latter was very much out of the question!

Michelle has been teaching yoga for 11 years developing a practice and teaching style that is firmly rooted in vinyasa yoga; her ethos is to move in a way that feels good for the body whilst staying anatomically sound and safe. You'll regularly find her on the mat creating funky flows to upbeat soundtracks; combining her love of music with her passion for movement.

After teaching in community centres, church halls and gyms for a number of years, she decided to open Studio One Yoga in Standish at the beginning of 2014. Over the years she has taught in public and private sector workplaces, schools and professional sports teams and continues to do so alongside her regular studio classes.

Since opening, the studio community has grown and developed in to a place to be proud of, full of like-minded people looking to get stronger, healthier and happier by having a little yoga in their life. 

2018 brings with it further excitement as we open our long time in the making second studio in Leyland, bringing yoga to an even wider community and the creation of another friendly, fun and happy place.

Our Mission

Our mission at Studio One Yoga is to support the physical health and well being of people in our local communities by providing yoga that is affordable and accessible for all ages and levels of ability. 

We aim to do this by employing the best possible team of teachers and staff, and creating a modern studio environment that is always welcoming, clean and safe for people to be themselves.

Beyond our regular studio classes we look to work with likeminded people and organisations that can help create alternative offerings that are exciting, unique and allow our students to have new experiences.